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* Japanese Studies: Interlibrary Loan Services from Japan *: Exercise

CiNii Articles

1) Looking for essays and works by a literary author, 島田雅彦. Try the following ヨミ (reading) and formats in CiNii Articles.

  • しまだまさひこ
  • シマダマサヒコ
  • 島田雅彦
  • 島田 雅彦 
  • 島田, 雅彦  

2) Think of the best way to search articles about child discipline. How do you form your search query to include all the variants of your keywords (子供, 子ども, こども, コドモ) and (しつけ, 躾) when searching CiNii Articles?

3) Can CiNii Articles handle Chinese character variants, 新字 and 旧字? 村上龍 or 村上竜?


Double Check You OPAC and Availability in North America

1.       Double check availability in your own library and other North American libraries

Search Kawabata Yasunari’s “Tenohira no shōsetsu” in InfoHawk.

  • How many title(s) did you find when you use “Title beginning with” search?
  • How many title(s) did you find when you use “Keyword Anywhere” search?

Journal Issue Information in CiNii Books

How many GIF libraries on the list below can supply this article?


森田 誠吾

新潮 89(4), p6-78, 1992-04-00


If Arctiles Are Not Available from GIF Project

  • 「デジタル時代の文字・活字文化」を考える--ジャーナリズムの真実見極める目を   [in Japanese]

    島田 雅彦 , 鈴木 幸一 , 岡田 直敏 [他]

    Print zoom 2(65), 20-23, 2011-01-00


  • Catalyst for the Professionalization of Librarianship in Postwar Japan: Naomi Fukuda and the United States Field Seminar of 1959

    Koide Izumi

    Asian Cultural Studies, Vol. 39 (March 2013)

    International Christian University


  • Article title: 筒井徳二郎一座パリ公演の反響と前衛演劇人の反応 = On Responses to the Theatrical Performance of Tokujiro Tsutsui’s Troupe in Paris and Those of Avant-garde Directors

    Author: 田中 徳一

    Journal title: 国際文化表現研究

    Imprint information : 国際文化表現学会, 2005-

    Issue: (8):2012

    Pages: 325-368

    ISSN: 1880-1471

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