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Evaluation Criteria

Before using information that you find on the internet, consider the following criteria to evaluate its credibility.

  • Currency
  • Relevancy
  • Accuracy
  • Authority
  • Purpose

Where to start?

When beginning your research, consider these 5 points when deciding what material you will read and trust.

Currency/Date: the timeliness of the information

Relevancy/Coverage: the importance and scope of the information

Accuracy: the reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the information

Authority: the source of the information

Purpose: the reason the information exists

For more, see the CRAAP Test

When evaluating information, consider:

  • What are the claims being made by the author(s)?
  • What evidence is provided to support those claims?
  • How does the information offered on this site relate to what is provided in other sources, both non-print and print?

Think critically about the information provided:

How could the information be verified? Is the information specific? How is the information related to your research question? Does the information address the complexities and significant factors of the topic? Do you need to consider another point of view? Is there another way to look at this question? Does all of this make sense?

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