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#LibGuides at The University of Iowa Libraries: Hardin Library

A guide for LibGuides authors

Hardin Library Guide Standards

In addition to the Libraries-wide guidelines on the first tab, Hardin Library guides are expected to follow the below guidelines and standards.  Please contact Kelly with any questions.

  • Link to the box "Hardin Library Resources" from the "LibGuides at University of Iowa Libraries" libguide and place it in the upper-left corner of the first page of your guide.  You can also copy the box and makes changes to the resources listed, but be aware that you will then be responsible for checking and updating the links.
  • Place either the "Hardin Library Resources" box or "Hardin Library" box (which is just the logo) at the top-left of all other pages.
  • Place the "Are we missing something" box at the lower-left corner of each guide page.  This is a standard box available from the new box menu.
  • Link to the "Get More Help" box from the "LibGuides at University of Iowa Libraries" libguide and place it in the lower-right corner beneath your author profile.

Linking to an existing box

Select the Add New Box option on your page

Select  Link to another box in the system

Select #LibGuides at The University of Iowa Libraries... from the dropdown list. (January 30, 2013:  #LibGuides at The University of Iowa Libraries... was moved to the top of the list)

Select a box from the list.

Note: some boxes are designed to fit in a narrow column, some in the wider column. 

To request a new box (either a brand-new one or a re-wording of an existing one) please contact

Some vendors provide their own search widgets.  If you discover one that's not listed please contact


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