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HIST:1040:0002 Middle Passages: The Forced Journeys of Enslaved Africans, 1500-1865: Books

Keywords and Subject Headings


  • Slave trade
  • Slavery
  • Trans-Atlantic or Middle Passage

If you are searching for books on slavery or the Atlantic slave trade in relation to a specific region of the world or country, it may be helpful to add some geographic terms. For example: 

  • Slavery and Brazil
  • Slavery and United States
  • Slavery and South America

Similarly, if the focus of your research is the institution of slavery and/or the slave trade within Africa itself, it would be wise to use the relevant geographic terms, such as:

  • Slavery and Africa
  • Slavery and West Africa

Finally, you may wish to explore the history of slavery within the context of a specific industry or the production of a particular commodity. For example:

  • Slaves and plantation
  • Slaves and Sugar
  • Slaves and tobacco

Subject Headings

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are a controlled vocabulary used to identify the topics/subjects addressed in books and other materials.

The selected LCSH below can help identify materials about slavery and abolition in InfoHawk+ as well as many other library catalogs and databases. 

This list is by no means comprehensive. These are simply some of the more general subject headings. You may want to explore more specific subject headings to identify material relevant to your topic.

These subject headings will also give you an idea of how LCHS are structured and their components. Subject headings/terms can represent general concepts, like African diaspora, but also…

Individuals: Thomas Jefferson, Harriet Tubman, William Wilberforce

Geographic Areas: Africa, Ghana; Great Britain, Indian Ocean, Southern States, South Carolina, West Indies

Organizations: East India Trading Company; Parliament, Anti-Slavery Society 

Populations: Women, Family, Children

Time Periods: Colonial Period, ca. 1600-1775,18th Century, 19th Century

Selected Reference Books