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Iowa Edge 2022: Special Collections Information for Presentations

Iowa Edge Test

Special Collections Information

Special Collections Information


Special Collections is a section of the library that focuses on materials that are especially rare, fragile, or focused on our particular institution.


It's on the third floor of the Main Library, which is on the map here: (


They might have great information about your Iowa Edge presentation subject, so please feel free to search through their specific collections! Of course, some of the subjects might not have relevant materials in Special Collections, which is perfectly fine as well. If that's the case, we can always do searches in other resources and find that information we need for our project!

How to Search through Special Collections

How to Search Through Special Collections


The only real difference between searching through the general library catalog (which is called InfoHawk+) and Special Collections' catalog (which is called ArchivesSpace) is the website used to access them. Otherwise, the process is very similar.


1) Go to the website for Special Collections: (

2) In the search box under "Search ArchivesSpace", type in your search terms. You can also go directly to a new search box by following this link: (

3) Look through your results!

4) Using what you learned, do another search or change filters as necessary.


General Note: Again, not all of the subjects for your Iowa Edge projects will have information about them in Special Collections. If you're not finding anything there, that's perfectly fine! There are many, many other places to find information about your subject, such as the regular library catalog (InfoHawk+, accessible on the library's homepage) and our databases like Academic Search Elite (link here, will need to login with your HawkID). If you want some extra help with finding that information, feel free to ask any librarians for help as well! You can find my contact information at the bottom the first page of this guide, and you can find other librarians' contact info here: (

Iowa Edge Alumni Information in Special Collections

Iowa Edge Alumni Information in Special Collections

There are actually materials about some of the Iowa Edge alumni presentation project subjects in Special Collections. Below is a partial list of them. But remember, if your subject doesn't have anything in Special Collections, don't worry! There are many other places to look, such as the library catalog and other, more general sources like the references at the bottom of Wikipedia articles. You can always ask a librarian for help with finding information as well!


NOTE: To access the materials mentioned below, please follow the instructions in the Making a Patron (Aeon) Account & Requesting Materials section of the Visitor's Guide here: ( You can also go directly to the Special Collections room without a reservation and ask for help as well!


Nancy Rusty Barcelo

Joy Harjo

Al Jarreau

G. Alexander Clark

Lulu Merle Johnson

Phillip G. Hubbard

Lilia A. Abron

Marian Rees