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Anatomical Models at Main: Human Physiology Resources

Checkout details

Torso is secured to a carrel near the reserve shelves; the bin with torso parts can be found behind the Service Desk.

  • Life-size
  • 27 parts
  • Superficial and deep musculature

Detachable structures include

  • Calvaria
  • Brain (6 parts)
  • Eyeball with optic nerve
  • Left and right sternocleidomastoid muscles
  • Pectoralis minor muscles
  • Thoracic/abdominal wall
  • Larynx (2 parts)
  • Both lungs
  • Heart (2 parts)
  • Diaphragm
  • Stomach (2 parts)
  • Liver with gallbladder
  • Complete intestinal tract with appendix
  • Anterior half of one kidney
  • Half of urinary bladder
  • Gluteus maximus muscle

Rules for Use

  • This model is secured to a carrel near the course reserve shelves

  • Before using the torso please go to the Service Desk with your university ID and check out the bin that accompanies this model. The bin contains parts of the torso that are not stored with the model

  • Guides to the torso parts are available in several languages and can be downloaded on this page. Please also download the file named "Torso parts' numbered" as the torso parts themselves are not numbered

  • Please return bin to the Service Desk when finished