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Course Materials+

Including Course Materials+ in ICON


Students can't see the list

Reading lists' visibility is determined by the lists' status (published or unpublished) and reading list start and end dates. If students can't see the list, check that the list is published and the dates are correct. To make sure students can see the course's list, click on the "View list as a student" on the reading list menu.

Can't access electronic content owned by the Libraries

This can happen with different kinds of content, and for different reasons. In some cases clearing the browser's cache and/or trying another browser solves the issue. If that does not work, report the problem to the Libraries by clicking on the citation and "Mark as broken". Libraries staff might not be able to fix the issue immediately. While we are working on resolving the problem, there are a couple of other ways it might be possible to access that same resource:

  1. Try finding the resource on InfoHawk+. The same resource can be available from different databases, and if you can't access it through one of them, you might be able to access it using a different database
  2. Many resources are available both in physical and electronic formats. If the library is open check the catalog to see if the Libraries owns a physical copy of the item, and if it is available

Can't find library-owned resource by using the Library Search option

Some electronic resources might not be discoverable through the catalog, depending on the database that provides access to that resource. If the Libraries owns a resource but it can't be found through InfoHawk+, the resource can be added directly from the database that gives access to it by using the "Cite It!" bookmarklet. Please check that the link added to your list has the proxy server address in the url or add it using the proxy link generator or contact your subject librarian for assistance.

It might also be easier to find and add resources using InfoHawk+ because of the greater number of filtering options that it offers, especially if there were many search results and filtering in Course Materials+ hasn't reduced their number considerably.