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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Hardin Course Reserves: Medicine

Course Reserves

Course Instructor Book Notes
ACB:6000 Andersen, Kathleen Anatomy for Anaeshetists Hardin owns e-book.
ANES:6007 Bair, Heather Anesthesiologist's Manual of Surgical Procedures Hardin owns e-book and print versions (RD 82.2 .A54 2014).
ACB:6000 Andersen, Kathleen Atlas of Human Anatomy Hardin owns e-book.
ANES:6007 Bair, Heather Clinical Anesthesia Hardin owns e-book.
RSCI:4120; RSCI:4190 Wiese, Jean Handbook of Interventional Radiologic Procedures Hardin owns e-book.
RSCI:4190 Wiese, Jean Kern's Cardiac Catheterization Handbook Hardin owns e-book.
ACB:6000 Andersen, Kathleen Moore's Essential Clinical Anatomy Hardin owns print version (QM 23.2 .A38 2019).
ACB:7010 Netter's Introduction to Imaging Netter's Introduction to Imaging Hardin owns e-book.
RSCI:4120 Wiese, Jean Practice of Interventional Radiology with Online Cases and Videos Hardin owns e-book.
RSMS:3260 Wise, Lindsay Textbook of Diagnostic Sonography Hardin owns e-book.
Course Instructor Title Notes