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Embracing Complexity: Diverse Perspectives on Islam

Collection of books displaying the diversity of perspectives of/within the Muslim community.


In October 2017, I put up a month-long book display in the Main Library's reading room. The book display was an extension of an ongoing, campus-wide dialogue on the diversity within the Muslim community. Inspired by Hancher's multidisciplinary program "Embracing Complexity" and the University of Iowa Center for Human Rights' (UICHR) "One Community, One Book" reading program, the purpose of this book display was to welcome and inspire the UI and broader community to learn more about the diversity of perspectives, scholarship, identities, and representation of Muslims and Islam. 

By no means comprehensive, this guide features books and other resources related to Muslims and Islam more broadly. The books cover a span of topics from theology, history, popular culture, youth & adult literature, race & ethnicity, sex & gender, politics, immigration & refugees, sports, etc. This guide has been broken down into the four weeks that the book display was up. Each week generally covers the topics previously mentioned.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and if you have any suggestions for future book displays.

Original Author

The original creator of this page was Alonso Avila, part of our 2015 Residency Librarian cohort. He is now an Information Literacy and Student Success Librarian at Oberlin College. 

Photo of Alonso Avila