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* Japanese Studies: Interlibrary Loan Services from Japan *: National Diet Library's International Services

Tips to Obtain What You Need from the National Diet Library Smoothly via ILL/DD Services

When no North American library owns what you need, the UI Libraries can try placing an ILL/DD request with the National Diet Library (NDL) for you. To maximize your chance to obtain what you need, please try the following.

1. First, double check if any North American libraries own what you need by searching OCLC WorldCat.

2. Choose the appropriate request form. There are separate request forms for Article, Book, Book Chapter, etc. When you are creating your request form from OCLC WorldCat, please double check which form you are using. When you search for a journal in OCLC WorldCat and use  link, you are taken to the Book request form. Not to the Article form. Choosing the right form helps our ILL/DD staff greatly especially dealing with foreign language materials.

3. When cutting & pasting information from OCLC WorldCat to the ILL/DD form, please delete diacritics. They may get garbled.

4. Search the NDL OPAC for your books or article. Go to

5. From the full display of the bibliographic information, please include the following information on your ILL/DD request form.

For arctiels: Include ISSN, article ID (記事登録ID), and URL. ISSN will be useful for our staff to confirm the journal is not available from any other North American libraries. Article ID and URL are very important for our staff to locate what you need!

For books: ISBN, record ID (書誌ID), and URL. Again, ISBN is very useful to double check if any North American library own the book. If not, our staff will use Record ID and URL you are providing to find what you are looking for in the NDL.



NDL International Services

  • Libraries may register with the National Diet Library to request document delivery and book loan service through its online system. UI Libraries is a registered user of the NDL international services. UI faculty and students can request document delivery from the NDL via UI Libraries ILL Dept.
  • Individuals can also register with the National Diet Library to request document delivery. Registered individual users can search for articles using the Zasshi Kiji Sakuin within the NDL-OPAC and order them online. Book loan service is not available to individual users.
  • Payments can be made using credit card, international postal money orders, or bank transfers.
  • Materials will be sent by airmail.
  • Check Remote User Services section at the bottom of this screen for more details and registration form.
  • Read Overseas Request for Copying section on Photoduplication Service page to learn about their document delivery service. You need to verify that the material in question is in the NDL holdings as well as you need to have a full and accurate citation including the pagination. So try the Zasshi Kiji Sakuin
  • Read International Loan Service page. Please note that not all NDL materials circulate.
  • You will also find NDL holding information on OCLC WorldCat. Look for NATIONAL DIET LIBR (NHN) on Libraries Worldwide 全世界の所蔵館 list.


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