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HONR:1300: HONORS FIRST-YEAR SEMINAR - Getting Involved in Research: Home


Intro (5 minutes) (Jenay & Laurie) 

Trace a Popular Article Back to the Original Research (10 minutes) (Jenay) - Allow few minutes to scan article

  • Are there links or references to a study that was done?
  • What are some main concepts or terms that stand out?
  • Create a list of these concepts or terms that you can use to conduct research on similar studies through the UI Library resources. 

How to Read a Research Article (10 minutes) (Laurie) 

  • Group activity (Worksheet) 
  • Organization-what sections to look at first 
  • Purpose-where to find the purpose 

Group Think/Pair/Share - Discuss with your group and share out 

Now that you've read both the research article and the news article consider the following:

  • Does the news article do a good job of reporting on the study? Why or why not?
  • Does the news headline reflect the original research study?
  • Would you rewrite the headline to better reflect the study? How?

Understanding the impact of the research (Jenay and Laurie)

  • Exploring social media usage and shares (Metrics & Info of the article)
  • What does this say about how and where research is published and engaged with? (Scholarship as Conversation)

Go over the following:

  • InfoHawk+ & Academic Search Complete (Keyword development and searching) (Jenay)
  • Web of Science & JoVE (15 minutes) (Laurie) 
  • Finding relevant articles 
  • Finding videos on lab protocols 

Kahoot Review Quiz (10 minutes) (Laurie) 


Course Description


This is a research-focused first-year seminar, which is intended to serve as an introduction to research at an R1 institution, such as the University of Iowa.  Students who are considering graduate or professional school will find this seminar of particular interest. No prior research knowledge or experience is required. 

Undergraduate research

  • What is it
  • Why does it matter
  • Should you get involved
  • Can you get involved

“Research shows…” or “scientists have discovered…” makes it in a lot of headlines, but how many people actually know what research is, where it happens, or who does it?  Undergraduate research is touted by many as one of the most valuable experiences you can have at an institution like the University of Iowa.  People may have already told you that you must be involved if you want to go on to a graduate or professional program.  This course is designed to introduce you to undergraduate research, commonly the first step in a budding researcher’s academic and career path.  You will learn what resources are available to you at the UI, how research involvement can be woven into your studies, and whether research is a good fit for you (or possibly not).  Learn what science research is, what happens in laboratories on a day-to-day basis, how to get involved as an undergraduate, and so much more. 

Tools mentioned during library session

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