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First-Year Seminar: Discovering Research: Home


Welcome to the UI Libraries!

Our names are Laurie Neuerburg and Jenay Solomon. We are both librarians at the UI Libraries. Laurie is the Science Reference and Outreach Librarian at the Sciences Library and Jenay is an Undergraduate Engagement Librarian at the Main Library. We're happy to answer any and all questions you have about research and the Libraries. Our emails and contact information are on this guide. 

Contact a Sciences Librarian.

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Laurie Neuerburg
she, her, hers
Office: 450 VAN
Phone: 319-467-0216

Jenay Solomon

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Jenay Solomon
2013 Main Library

Today's Session

Today's agenda
  1. Welcome and brief orientation to the Libraries
  2. Discuss the process of scientific research
  3. Comparing academic articles to popular non-academic science articles
  4. How to read a scientific article
  5. Learn how to fact-check articles and media sources for credibility
  6. Group research time using UI Library resources and tools
  7. Answer any questions and how to find help


Infohawk+ Logo

What can InfoHawk+ help me find?

InfoHawk+ searches our physical materials (books, DVDs, etc.). It's the tool you need to use to find a book on the shelf, or an e-book online. Books are only part of what it can find.

It will also search a wide range of electronic resources, including Iowa Research Online, selected major databases in a diverse set of academic disciplines, and items unique to the UI Libraries like those in our Iowa Digital Collections.

InfoHawk+ Tutorials

Your friendly University of Iowa Librarians created these tutorials to help you learn how to use InfoHawk+ like a pro. If you have any questions, please ask a librarian.

Library Databases

Other relevant resources

Help & Assistance


                            LIVE CHAT with a Librarian. 

Go to: and ask a question!

                            ONE-ON-ONE research consultations with a librarian!

Go to

                            NEED HELP AFTER business hours? The SEAM can help! 

The SEAM is a specialized resource designed for undergraduates to get research help and assistance. We're open Sunday - Thursday, 5PM-9PM. 

Go to to schedule an appointment online.

Group Activity


1. Trace a Popular Article Back to the Original Research. First, scan the popular news article with your group. Consider the following:

  • Are there links or references to a study that was done?
  • What are some main concepts or terms that stand out?
  • Create a list of these concepts or terms that you can use to conduct research on similar studies through the UI Library resources. 

2. Discuss with your group and share out. 

  • Does the news article do a good job of reporting on the study? Why or why not?
  • Does the news headline reflect the original research study?

Group 1

Help Your Dog Adapt to a Post-Pandemic World

Group 2

Cancer Is One Worry Elephants Can Feel Free to Forget

Group 3

Will it be safe for humans to fly to Mars?

Group 4

Is something burping methane on Saturn’s ocean moon?

Group 5

Listening to Nature Gives You a Real Rocky Mountain High