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American Indian Research
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Oct 22, 2013
Selected U.S. government authored resources relating to American Indian culture and history.
Tags: american_indian, first_nations, native_american, native_peoples
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Dec 31, 2013
Tags: presidential_election election
Foreign Policy of the United States
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Oct 22, 2013
Selected resources for United States foreign relations research
Tags: diplomacy, foreign_policy, foreign_relations
Gray/Grey Literature
by Amy Blevins, Jennifer DeBerg, Marianne Mason, Sara Scheib - Last Updated Oct 23, 2013
A selection of written research material not commercially published and not widely disseminated.
Tags: gray_literature, grey_literature, sciences, technical_reports
Holy Social Marketing, Uncle Sam!
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Oct 15, 2013
Comics issued by U.S. Government agencies.
Tags: comic_books, comics, posters, social_change, social_marketing
Introduction to American Foreign Policy
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Oct 9, 2013
Selected research sources for 030:61
Tags: diplomacy, foreign_policy, government, political_science
Politics of Terrorism
by Brett Cloyd, Marianne Mason - Last Updated Jan 22, 2014
Selected research sources for 030:168
Tags: political_science, terrorism
Population Characteristics in the U.S.
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Oct 23, 2013
Selected resources originating from Census data including population statistics, social characteristics and economic condition in the United States.
Tags: census, demographics, housing, population_characteristics, statistics
Skill Builder
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Mar 5, 2014
15-minutes spent practicing with these newsy topics and authoritative databases will be sure to hone your research skills.
Tags: controversy, critical_thinking, government, skill_builder, skills
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Mar 5, 2014
Selected group of resources for U.S. tax information
Tags: tax, taxes
United States Constitution
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Sep 9, 2013
A brief guide to the text, organization, and selected Constitutional research sources.
Tags: american_history, constitution, government, law
United States Government Information
by Marianne Mason - Last Updated Mar 13, 2014
This guide provides access to a selection of resources for current and historical public policy and consumer information issued by U.S. government agencies and private publishers. The University of Iowa is a Federal Depository Library.
Tags: agriculture, arts, business, congress, data, economy, education, energy, environment, foreign_relations, health, history, immigration, population, public_policy, science, security, statistics