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Alonso Avila

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Alonso Avila
The University of Iowa Libraries
100 Main Library
Iowa City, IA 52242
From the Earth's lowest elevation on land ruled by a 43rd generation descendant of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to the land of Uhuru na Umoja (Freedom and Unity), to the apex of Aztec's Sun and the Moon, and his native home the City of Wind, Alonso Avila now finds himself in the Midwest's City of Literature, Iowa City.

Alonso Avila is a graduate from Coe College and the University of Illinois' School of Information Sciences. He is interested in popular culture, especially international hip-hop, and issues of social justice. After spending two years in Peace Corps Jordan (2009-2011), Alonso is also interested in the Middle East (music, food, culture, etc.) and Islam.

Alonso Avila is currently in his third and final year at the University of Iowa's Main Library.

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