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What is OneWatch?

Sponsored by the University of Iowa Council on Disability Awareness, OneWatch seeks to engage the campus community in conversations related to disability and disability awareness, based on a common film experience. Similar to One Community, One Book programs, community members will view the selected title on their own and come together to discuss the film/series and the broader themes and any questions that may arise.

The selection for Spring 2018 is Atypical, an original Netflix series.


Sam, an 18-year-old on the autism spectrum, decides it's time to find a girlfriend, a journey that sets Sam's mom on her own life-changing path as her son seeks more independence.


Episode 1: Antarctica - Interested in having a girlfriend, Sam researches dating advice and puts it to the test. Meanwhile, his overprotective mom Elsa must learn to let go. 

Episode 2: A Human Female - When Sam Learns his crush is already taken, dad Doug helps him woo her. A lost credit card sends Elsa back to bar. Casey hears rumors about Evan.

Episode 3: Julia Says - Sam decides to update his look. Casey learns a family secret. Feeling like her family no longer needs her, Elsa seeks attention elsewhere. 

Episode 4: A Nice Neutral Smell - When a classmate shows interest in him, Sam makes a list of pros and cons to see whether she's girlfriend material. Casey gets a prestigious offer. 

Episode 5: That's My Sweetheart - Same becomes rattled after Paige invades his bedroom. Casey visits Clayton Prep and gets a taste of what life away from her brother would be like. 

Episode 6: The D-Train to Bone Town - Paige proposes having an autism-friendly school dance to the PTA. Sam makes preparations for losing his virginity. Doug and Julia help each other. 

Episode 7: I Lost My Poor Meatball - When Paige creates a checklist to figure how he feels. Things with Nick suddenly get to real for Elsa.

Episode 8: The Silencing Properties... - After a disastrous dinner with Paige's family, Sam makes amends at the school dance. Casey's Fury at her mom affects her relationship with Evan. 

OneWatch Selections

  • 2018 - Atypical
  • 2017 - Theory of Everything

Atypical - Official Trailer

ATYPICAL Streaming on Netflix (requires subscription)

8 episodes of approximately 30-35 minutes each
Audio descriptions and captioning options available

Disability in the Modern World


OneWatch logo designed by Donald Baxter. Copyright retained by University of Iowa Council on Disability Awareness. 

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