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The University of Iowa Libraries

Rita Benton Music Library

Music Research Tools

Music Research Tools

Getting Started

Not sure how to structure a research project or even where to begin? Check out this handy guide.

Tools for Finding Background Information

Grove Music Online

A premiere music encyclopedia, containing articles on people, places, terms, instruments, and much more.

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Tools for Finding Books


Find books and e-books available at the University of Iowa Libraries


Find books available in libraries around the world

Google Books

Find books and e-books and see previews of their table of contents and even sections of the text


Find books and book chapters, accompanied by abstracts that encapsulate their content

Tools for Finding Articles


Find citations and abstracts of international music scholarship in a wide variety of publications, including journals, books, book chapters, symposium and conference proceedings, and much more.

Music Index

Find citations and some linked full-text for articles in scholarly and popular music journals, including Rolling Stone and Billboard. 


Find full-text articles in this archive of scholarly journals covering a wide range of topics, including music.

Music Periodicals Database

Find some full-text articles and citations for international music publications, especially concert and recording reviews.

Google Scholar

Search using Google's tools to find articles and books on your topic.


Find some full-text and citations for 19th and early 20th century music publications.

Tools for Finding Scores


Find scores available at the University of Iowa Libraries


Find scores available in library collections around the world


Find .pdfs of public domain or Creative Commons licensed scores


Find information about music manuscripts and early editions held in libraries and archives around the world

Tools for Finding Recordings


Find CDs, LPs, DVDs, and VHS tapes available at the University of Iowa Libraries


Find audio and video recordings available in library collections around the world

Naxos Music Library

Stream over 100,000 albums and almost 2,000,000 tracks from this database of largely western art music sound recordings. 

Music Online from Alexander Street

Stream thousands of sound recordings, including folk, rock, rap, pop, classical, and world music.