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Instagram Scavenger Hunt: Home

picture yourself instagram scavenger hunt

How to Enter

  1. Enter the contest by completing this entry form:  
  2. Take a picture of at least 5 items on the list below between now and December 1, 2016. Please take selfies or pictures of people who are happy to have their picture taken. 
  3. Post the pictures to Instagram and tag @uilibraries so we are sure to see your pictures. You must write a caption for your photos using the hashtags listed for each entry.   
  4. If you would like to enter, but don't want to post pictures to Instagram, simply send your photos to cathy-cranston AT  
  5. Please note, the @uilibraries Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts may re-post some of the photos submitted to the contest. Follow us to see if one of your photos is featured! 


People who enter the contest by completing the form ( will be eligible to win a prize given away at the end of the contest. A few special prizes will be drawn from the entries for people who 1) complete all 25 items (nice gift certificates), 2) who were most creative with the #bookface entry (nice school supplies), and 3) who visit all the campus libraries (nice backpack). Other prizes include USB drives, mini-headphones, squeezy stress-ball brains, etc.  

Picture yourself... 

  1. Visiting the Shakespeare's First Folio Exhibit in the Main Library Gallery (August 29 – September 25), or any of the other Shakespeare at Iowa events. #uilibraries #IowaFirstFolio #SHXatIOWA
  2. Looking at a Guide that matches something you're studying this semester. #uilibraries #guide #researchskills
  3. Meeting with a Librarian at any of the Libraries around campus. Stop by to say hello, or make an appointment if you'd like some help with research at any point. You can also drop by to meet one in person between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Main Library at the Consultation Station near the Service Desk. #uilibraries #librarians #researchskills  
  4. Searching InfoHawk+ to find a book by an author you enjoy. #uilibraries #infohawk #researchskills
    [Here's some help for searching InfoHawk+]  
  5. Searching a library database called Academic Search Premier to find an article from a magazine, newspaper, or scholarly journal. #uilibraries #databases #researchskills
  6. Creating a #bookface from a book you've found in the Libraries (hint – the new books collection on the 1st floor of the Main Library, and the books in the PZ7 area on the 2nd floor tend to have good cover art for creating #bookface posts) Here are some more examples#uilibraries #bookface [Bonus prize awarded for most creative!]  
  7. Visiting the Special Collections department on the 3rd floor of the Main Library (and consider following their amazing social media accounts to see their beautiful collections). #uilibraries #uispeccoll #beautifulbooks
  8. Visiting one (or more) of our Campus Libraries [Bonus prize drawn for entrants who visit them all!]  
    1. The newly opened Rita Benton Music Library in the Voxman Music Building. Look for the lovely Chihuly glass sculpture#uilibraries #music 
    2. The Art Library in the stunning Art Building West#uilibraries #art 
    3. The Engineering Library with its exciting new Creative Space in the Seamans Center#uilibraries #UIEngLib 
    4. The Marvin A. Pomerantz Business Library 3rd floor of the Pappajohn Business Building#uilibraries #business 
    5. The Hardin Library for Health the Sciences (map) #uilibraries #hardinlib
    6. The Sciences Library (map#uilibraries #sciences  
    7. The Law Library (map#uilibraries #law 
  9. Sitting in your favorite place to study in any of the Libraries. #uilibraries #studyspot
  10. Writing on a whiteboard in one of the group study space in the Learning Commons#uilibraries #groupstudy #expressyourself
  11. Visiting the displays outside or inside the Iowa Women's Archives on the 3rd floor (south side) of the Main Library. #uilibraries #womensarchives  
  12. Getting a snack at the Food for Thought Café at the Main Library. #uilibraries #foodforthought 
  13. Stopping to smell the flowers in the planters near the south or east side entrances to the Main Library#uilibraries #flowers  
  14. Using the One Button Studio in either the Main Library or Hardin Library for the Health Sciences to quickly and easily create a video. #uilibraries #onebutton #soeasy
  15. Reading. Just, you know, reading something. Like people do. #uilibraries #reading #justbecause  
  16. Discussing news of the day with your friends at the Library (see they TV screens in Food for Thought café, or the newspaper shelves near the reference books). #uilibraries  #news #informed 
  17. Scanning something on one of our easy to use scanners#uilibraries #icanscan  
  18. Standing in the "stacks" (our rows and rows of book shelves). #uilibraries #stacks 
  19. Attending an event or workshop in any of our libraries. #uilibraries #events 
  20. Being a student in one of the classes taught by your friendly librarians. #uilibraries #classes
  21. Diving into a pile of resources you're using to create the best thing your professor has ever read/heard/seen from a student! #uilibraries #impressive
  22. Touching the touch screen display outside The Digital Publishing and Scholarship Studio (near the north entrance of the Main Library). #uilibraries #display
  23. Stopping by the Digital Creativity Lab on the 1st floor of the Main Library (toward the west side). It will be opening sometime in September, so watch for it! #uilibraries #creativitylab
  24. Dropping by the (as yet unbuilt) Undergraduate Research Center (which we will be re-naming with a contest, too) once it opens in November. It will be located on the southwest side of the second floor sometime this fall. A picture outside of room 2013 will work for this entry in the meantime. #uilibraries #URC 
  25. Being creative and taking an "art-sy" picture somewhere in the Libraries. Zoom in on a pattern in the carpet, the light coming in a window, a tangle of cords on a computer. #uilibraries #becreative 
  26. Showing us your favorite thing that makes you LOVE YOUR LIBRARY! #uilibraries #lovemylibrary

Contact cathy-cranston AT if you have any questions.