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Library Administration will send reminders to all designated Library Hours Editors to update their hours for the upcoming session/break. Please do this by the publish date given below; hours entered will be published on or shortly after that date.

To update your branch/department's hours:

  1. Click on your branch/department's tab above;
  2. Click on the "Edit" link next to the session/break you would like to update and select "Add/Edit Text";
  3. Without changing font face, size, or color, please enter your hours;
  4. To add a table row, click in one of the table cells and then click on the "Insert Row Before" or "Insert Row After" icon above;
  5. When finished, click "Save and Close" at the bottom.


  • Do not change the font or font size. Text will be published exactly as it is entered.
  • To add a table row click in one of the table cells then click on the "Insert Row Before" or "Insert Row After" icon above.
  • When copying text from Word or Outlook use the "Paste from Word" icon above.
  • The Hours page may not refresh for up to 6 hours after changes are made to LibGuides. 

Any questions or concerns should be directed to Library Administration.


Session/Break Reminder sent on or about Hours published on or after
Spring Semester December 05 December 20
Spring Break January 25 February 10
May Summer Session April 10 April 25
Summer Session April 30 May 10
Summer Interim June 15 June 30
Fall Semester July 10 July 25
Labor Day Weekend July 30 August 15
Thanksgiving Break October 05 October 20
Winter Interim November 05 November 20