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Research Data Services

This guide was created to help researchers locate available resources for data management and sharing.

Do I need a Data Management Plan?

Most federal funding agencies and many private funders now require a data management plan as part of grant proposals. Each agency/foundation has different requirements. Search the list linked below or contact us for more information.

Key Elements of Successful Data Management Plans

We’ve provided a list of the key elements of a data management plan below to give you an idea of what aspects a data management plan should cover. Often times a funder may provide a template which applicants must follow. Please check the funder’s directions. Contact us at for assistance with writing your data management plan based on the funder’s requirements.

  • Roles and responsibilities
    • How will principle investigators, graduate students, post-docs and other staff and collaborators implement the data management plan?
  • Description of data and metadata
    • What data will be generated?
    • What types and formats of data, samples, materials, software etc. will be produced?
    • What standards will be applied to data documentation and metadata?
  • Storage, Backup and security
    • Where and on what media will the data be stored?
    • What is your backup plan for the data?
    • How will you manage data security?
  • Provisions for Privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property rights and other rights
    • How will you address any ethical or privacy issues (i.e. IRB, anonymization of data)?
    • Who will own the copyright or intellectual property rights to the data?
  • Data access and sharing
    • If the data is available for sharing, explain how. We recommend data repositories for data sharing.
    • If the data is not available for sharing, explain why.
  • Data reuse, redistribution and production of derivatives
    • What restrictions need to be placed (i.e. Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial License)?
    • How can other researchers cite your data (i.e. persistent identifiers)?
  • Archiving and preservation
    • Where, how, and how long will you keep your data, protocols and other research products?

Where can I find example data management plans?

In response to federal funding agency requirements for data management plans, the University of California Curation Center at the California Digital Library and its partner institutions collaborated to develop DMPTool. 

DMPTool, an online application led by the California Digital Library and its partner institutions, not only helps researchers create data management plans but also inform researchers of resources and local support services available to assist with their data management planning needs.

Sample NSF Data Management Plans from UC San Diego Libraries - Project-specific examples from successful proposals.