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A guide to the different citation formats including MLA, Chicago, and others

Ask a Librarian

How do I begin?

First things first. What citation style is your professor asking for? 

The most common styles are MLA, Chicago Style, and APA. Each one has an in-depth style guide that you may want to take a look at (see Official Style guides box below).  



MLA is commonly used in the humanities, such as English.  Chicago Style is a popular choice for history and law.  APA is used mostly in the social sciences.  Here at the business school, most professors want either APA or Chicago. When in doubt, just ask your instructor!

See more for each style:


Why do I need to use this?

When doing research it is often necessary to consult other research.  When you use an idea or statistic that comes from someone else, you need to give them credit for the information; failure to do this is considered plagiarism. 

Why can't I find the one I need?

If the tabs above do not have an example to help you then please contact the Service Desk. 

Is there something I can print out as a guide?

How do I cite datasets?

 See this page on the Digital Curation Center web site.

Are there other tools popular with students?

Try the Purdue OWL: Research and Citations guide for additional content and perspective.

Official Style Guides

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