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Research Paper Resources
by Steve Ostrem - Last Updated Sep 10, 2013
A guide to the best resources for undergraduate research papers.
by Kelly McElroy, Ariana Santiago - Last Updated Mar 26, 2014
Resources for Rhetoric students
Spotlight: A Harvest of Knowledge
by Rachel Garza Carreón - Last Updated Mar 12, 2012
"Spotlight: A Harvest of Knowledge" is a display that tells the stories of ordinary people who accomplished the extraordinary.
Spotlight: Human Experience in Popular Films and Songs
by Rachel Garza Carreón - Last Updated Mar 4, 2013
This library exhibit features films and songs that are part of our popular culture and at the same time deal Human Rights issues.
Spotlight: The Color of Truth
by Rachel Garza Carreón - Last Updated Nov 29, 2011
"Spotlight Series: The Color of Truth" is a display that celebrates artists who are talented in their field and have also dedicated their lives to social justice.
Spotlight: Visionary Leadership
by Rachel Garza Carreón - Last Updated Jun 18, 2012
The "Spotlight: Visionary Leadership" display features individuals who had the courage to tell their story, whether the story was one of survival or of determination.