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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Images in the Health Sciences: Decorative Images

Decorative Images

Decorative images can be used to liven up a presentation or other project and may not need to be specifically health sciences in nature. The sources that follow are good options for decorative images. Be sure to see the Privacy & Publicity Rights section of this guide. 

Sources for Public Domain Images

See information on the Pixabay blog regarding Model Releases as well as other restrictions and exceptions. 

Sources for Free to Use Images

These sites provide images that are free to use under their own licensing agreements. These images are neither in the public domain nor Creative Commons licensed. 

Read the Morguefile license to learn how images can be used, and read the full license for more information. 

Read the Unsplash terms to learn how their images can be used. 

Sources for CC Licensed Decorative Images

Icons are available under a CC BY 3.0 US license. Read their terms of use for more information. Downloading images requires creating an account at the site. 

Filtering instructions:

  1. Enter search terms.
  2. On the results page, locate the drop down menu next to the Any License option.
  3. Change the drop down to All Creative Commons. The feature attempts to filter the results to show only CC licensed images. (Do not rely solely on the filter.) 
  4. Click on a given photo to check for sure that it is CC licensed and to determine which license it uses and thus what options for reuse are available. 

Sample Decorative Images

Image from Pixabay/StockSnap is licensed under CC0

Image from Pixabay/irenne56 is licensed under CC0

Image from wallyir is licensed through Morguefile

Light Bulb by Satisfactory from the Noun Project is licensed under CC BY 3.0