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History of the LNACC: Activism

Yolanda “Cha Cha” Cavazos, August 1974


"We’re not advocating separatism, we’re advocating our own identity."

Theresa Reyes,    
Native American Law Student Association
“The House,” 1999 video




Student organizations brought many speakers to the UI campus for discourse and dialogue. Each organization was proactive in their support and involvement with Chicano and American Indian Movements locally and nationally.

The LNACC sponsored a rally called “el Dia de la Raza” on Columbus Day – October 12, 1974.  El Teatro Zapatista, which was a group of UI students who performed plays about Chicano culture, performed a skit and young people from West Liberty, IA presented traditional dances.

Día de la Raza Demonstration - October 1972



Columbus Day

Stand in