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Anthropology: Databases

A guide to basic information resources in Anthropology

Wide Area

Anthropology Online is a collections of written ethnographies, field notes,full text of significant books in the field, and contemporary studies including previously unpublished materials, from the nineteenth century to 1975.

eHRAF World Cultures documents cultural groups worldwide, past and present. The Human Relations Area Files at Yale University has been collecting materials since 1950, and the digital collection is only a portion of its holdings. Older materials are in microform, not duplicated in the digital collection; the microform is available in Media Services, MSRV fiche 1335.

eHRAF Archaeology is a complementary database to World Cultures providing access to documentation of archaeological sites around the world.

ARTstor is a database of images documenting visual culture through time and across the world in painting, sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, and other fields.

Ethnographic Video Online is a visual encyclopedia documenting fieldwork worldwide.

Oxford Handbooks Online Archaeology in Oxford Handbooks Online is a database of collected reviews of scholarly research on topics in archaeological research connecting the material evidence of human cultural behaviors to historical contexts. Searches on a topic can be restricted to the Archaeology collection or across subjects or in selected subjects.  

Global Health Archive [1910-1972] is an international public health database.

Focused Collections

American Indian Histories and Cultures contains archival materials from the Edward E. Ayer Collection of the Newberry Library.

Indigenous Peoples: North America supports research in the historical experience, cultural traditions, and political status Native North Americans of the United States and Canada.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures covers the history and cultures of the region extending from Mexico to Costa Rica.