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The University of Iowa Libraries


Welcome to Special Collections and University Archives!

A guide to visiting the Special Collections and University Archives department at the University of Iowa Libraries


Welcome to the Special Collections and University Archives Department at the University of Iowa Libraries! 

We house around 200,000 rare books which range in age from the 15th century to newly created artists' books, over 800 manuscript collections, and more than 7,000 feet of records which document the University of Iowa's History. 

We are a great place to go for primary resource materials, exceptional literary collections, historical document collections, culinary arts resources, polical cartoons, screenwriting, and more!

To view our collections, you don't need to make a prior appointment, or even be a university student, faculty, or staff member.  We welcome members of the community and researchers from all over the world.  Feel free to stop by any time during our hours to explore what we have.