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A Year with Peter Drucker

This great thinker and innovator discovered:

  • Leaders Must Set Sights on the important and not the urgent. This is a key differentiator of moving from being a functionary to being a leader.
  • Management is a Human Activity. Process must serve people, in and out of the organization.
  • The Roadmap to Personal Effectiveness depends on a clear mission and on doing the right things, not just getting things done.
  • Management succession, especially to top positions, is a crucial decision and often a big gamble. It's worth your time to get it right.

A year with Peter DruckerPeter Drucker was the original big thinker. His ideas on management, innovation, leadership, effectiveness, and adapting to change formed the foundations of modern business wisdom. Drucker was also a mentor to many notable leaders in business, government, and nonprofits, a role he valued tremendously. In A Year with Peter Drucker, you will get to experience his mentorship process firsthand as his longtime collaborator Joseph A. Maciariello leads you from week to week, lesson to lesson, using previously unpublished material and selected readings from Drucker's classic works to highlight critical lessons in leadership, personal effectiveness, and mission-driven strategy. It features examples from the individuals and organizations that Drucker helped to guide to success, including his work assisting leaders in creating some of the world's most influential religious organizations.

Joseph A. Maciariello has distilled the essence of Drucker's personal mentorship program into an easy-to-follow 52-week course. Each week contains a lesson, message, or anecdote taken from Drucker's extensive body of published and unpublished work, moving from theme to theme throughout the year. It also includes further readings and reflections on the week's subject, and deep reflection questions—or quick brainstorming prompts—to help readers incorporate the message into their day-to-day work. - Book description

The Author and Peter Drucker

Joseph A. Maciariello is Marie Rankin Clarke Professor of Social Science and Management Emeritus and Senior Fellow at the Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management of Claremont Graduate University. He collaborated with Drucker on many publications, including The Effective Executive in Action, the revised edition of Management, and The Daily Drucker. - Book description

Learn about what Peter Drucker has left the business world.

Joseph A. Maciariello discusses what he learned from Peter Drucker.

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Journal articles detail Peter Drucker's ideas and innovations.

Business Library staff can provide additional online resources.

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