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For Rhetoric Instructors

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Why, hello!

Do your students:

  • turn in papers citing Yahoo Answers?
  • look at you blankly when you ask if they've used the library?
  • complain about the amount of reading you've assigned?
  • tell you they've picked their topic...which turns out to be way too broad for the assignment?
  • complain that there's no sources on their topic? 

Your students may need help developing the information literacy skills necessary to succeed in college. Information literacy refers to the skills needed to identify and articulate a need for information, search for, locate, evaluate, and actually use that information.

This guide contains activities created to build those skills. You can bring a librarian to your class or do these activities on your own. 

Rhetoric Matching Program

Each year, new Rhetoric instructors going through PDP are matched with a librarian.