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Mapping 'Korea' in East Asia: Ideas, Politics, and Society: Library Instruction 2/26

Citation Exercise

Citation #1. Key-Hiuk Kim, Chapter 9: “Conclusion: Toward an International Order in East Asia,” 328-351. In The Last Phase of the East Asian World Order: Korea, Japan, and the Chinese Empire, 1860-1882.

Citation #2. Chai-sik Chung, “Changing Korean Perceptions of Japan on the Eve of Modern Transformation: The Case of Neo-Confucian Yangban Intellectuals,” Korean Studies 19 (1995): 39-50.

Citation #3. Andre Schmid, “Decentering the Middle Kingdom and Realigning the East,” in Korea Between Empires, pp. 55-100.

More citations

Yi Ki-Baek, A New History of Korea (Harvard University Press, 1984), 209-217.

Bibliographic Forms examples based on Chicago style from Teaching and Writing Center at your department:

Research Minutes: How to Read Citations from Olin & Uris Libraries, Cornell University on YouTube