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Research Data Services

This guide was created to help researchers locate available resources for data management and sharing.

What are data repositories?

Data repositories are platforms where researchers deposit data generated in the first stages of research projects, review datasets, and share commentaries, assessments and interpretations. Repositories also are being integrated into the middle of research projects by providing software tools. For example, digital tools can be used to discover, analyze and visualize datasets through mining text, images, graphics, and numeric and geospatial data. Furthermore, digital repositories can help researchers manage primary data and secondary information produced when researchers share data and methodologies.

Selecting a Data Repository

When selecting a data repository, it's important to consider the following criteria. If you need assistance selecting a data repository, please contact us at


  • Free of charge up to a maximum
  • Direct cost of depositing the data to a repository
  • Direct and ongoing cost of purchasing and keeping server space or cloud storage
  • Ongoing cost for maintenance 

Indexing/ Discovery Tools/ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • How will others discover your dataset?
  • Is the repository indexed by Google and/or scholarly databases in your field?

Persistent identifiers for deposited files

  • Three types of persistent identifiers commonly used: handles (hdl), digital object identifiers (DOI) and Archival Resource Keys (ARK)

Policies and licenses

  • Data user agreements and licensing allow owners to state explicitly up front what uses they would be willing to allow.
  • Open, closed, or restricted access
  • Creative Commons licensing

Scholarly impact

  • Track data citation and impact

Repository Directories

Use these directories to search for an appropriate repository for your data. Please contact us if you need assistance.

Discipline Specific

These are just a few of the many discipline specific data repositories. Please contact us if you need assistance selecting a data repository.

Institutional Repositories

If you can't find the right discipline-specific repository for your data, you may want to consider using an institutional repository. Contact us for more information.