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* Journals in Japanese in UI Libraries *: Film/Drama

Journal Titles

Documentary Box Japanese Ed.      キネマ旬報 Kinema junpo
映画芸術 Eiga geijutsu      シナリオ Shinario
映画論叢 Eiga ronso      ドラマ Dorama
映画学      悲劇喜劇 Higeki kigeki
映像学 = Iconics Eizogaku = Iconics      メディア史研究 Media-shi kenkyu
* 季刊映像 Kikan eizo  



The Japanese Film Journal Table of Contents browser:


Documentary Box Japanese Ed.

Online edition available at:

映画芸術 Eiga geijutsu

Magazine website:

RSS is taken from 最新記事 section of the above site.

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映画論叢 Eiga ronso

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映画学 Eigagaku

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映像学 = Iconics Eizogaku = Iconics

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* 季刊映像 Kikan eizo

Open Access via CiNii:

Main Japanese Collection No call number
Holdings: no.1 (1975)-no.2 (1975) no.3 (1976)-no.4 (1976) no.5 (1977)-no.7 (1977) no.8 (1978)-no.11 (1978) no.12 (1979)-no.14 (1979) no.15 (1980)-no.18 (1980) no.19 (1981)-no.20 (1981)

キネマ旬報 Kinema junpo

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シナリオ Shinario

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ドラマ Dorama

Publisher website:

悲劇喜劇 Higeki kigeki

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マス・コミュニケーション研究 Masu komyunikeshon kenkyu

Open Access via CiNii:

The UI Libraries does not subscribe to print edition.

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メディア史研究 Media-shi kenkyu

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