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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Research Guides: Indexes and Databases

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Indexes and Databases

More and more content is being made available from the IMF web site.

  • IMF Publications:
  • IMF eLibrary Data: Statistics. provides data from the International Monetary Fund, and includes country and world tables, commodity prices, and an "economic concept view".
  • Index to International Statistics (IIS). Many statistical sources from IMF are indexed through IIS (1983-, Main Ref fAI1.I49), and the web counterpart Proquest Statistical Insight. The contents of these sources are available in the IIS microfiche collection, some are available in the print collection,  some are available in ProQuest Statistical Insight, and some are directly available via the IMF web site. Please feel free to ask for assistance. 
    • Annual Report
    • Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook
    • Direction of Trade Statistics
    • Finance & Development
    • Government Finance Statistics Yearbook. 
    • IMF Policy Discussion Papers
    • IMF Research Bulletin 
    • IMF Staff Country Reports
    • IMF Staff Papers
    • IMF Survey
    • IMF Working Paper Series
    • International Financial Statistics. 
    • International Financial Statistics Yearbook. 

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