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World Bank Guide: Statistics and Data


  • New! Check out the World Bank's New Data Portal. "World Bank Group now provides free, open, and easy access to its comprehensive set of data on living standards around the globe—some 2,000 indicators, including hundreds that go back 50 years" This new site currently contains the full World Development Indicators (WDI), Global Development Finance (GDF), and Africa Development Indicators (ADI) as well as several other World Bank databases such as Global Economic Monitor (GEM), Education Statistics. For a full list of data sets available please go to
  • World Development Indicators. Produced by the World Bank, this database is a good place to start when looking for statistical information for countries around the world. In this one database, you can expect to find comprehensive data for 575 development indicators, time series from 1960 to the present, for over 200 countries and 18 country groups. Data can be indexed, graphed, and exported in standard formats, including Excel. It is also easy to compare indicators of two or more countries. Additionally, you may want to try the “tree views” to see clusters of indicators geared to subjects such as “people,” “environment,” and the “economy.”
  • GDF Online. GDF online includes a comprehensive set of tables with statistical data for 136 countries that report debt under the World Bank Debtor Reporting System, as well as summary data for regions and income groups. It contains data on total external debt stocks and flows, aggregates, and key debt ratios, and provides a detailed, country-by-country picture of debt.
  • World Bank Data & Statistics Division
  • Index to International Statistics (IIS). Many statistical sources from World Bank are indexed through IIS (1983-, Main Ref and Gov Pubs Ref fAI1.I49), and the web counterpart Lexis Nexis Statistical. The contents of these sources are available in the IIS microfiche collection and some are available in the print collection. Some of the series available from IIS include:
    • Global Development Finance
    • World Bank Annual Report
    • World Bank Atlas
    • World Bank Country Studies
    • World Bank Economic Review
    • World Bank Operations Evaluation Studies
    • World Bank Technical Papers
    • World Demographic Trends
    • World Development Report

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