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* Japanese Studies: Interlibrary Loan Services from Japan *: GIF Project

GIF Project in Transition

The ILL/DD Committee of the North American Council on Japanese Library Resources (NCC) made an announcement that the GIF Project, which has been fulfilling inter-library loan and document delivery needs between Japanese and North American/Oceanian libraries since 2002, is now in transition to a new system to be fully implemented by March 2017. ... the International ILL Task Force strongly recommends that North American/Oceanian libraries consider using ILL/DD services provided by the National Diet Library (NDL).

The UI Libraries is a registered institutional user for the NDL's ILL/DD services.

Updated: 6/6/2016


Have You Searched OCLC WorldCat?

Have you searched library collections in North America  via OCLC WorldCat?

Request Materials

Interlibrary Loan/Article Delivery Request System

Request a book, photocopy of an article or book chapter, view/modify outstanding requests, renew checked out items, and view request history.

GIF Help is Available

The Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Committee of the NCC is responsible for promoting developments that maximize access to Japanese language research materials not available in North America while minimizing language and fiscal barriers to acquiring those materials through interlibrary loan and/or document delivery.

If you need any assistance, please contact the ILL/DD Committee members:

GIF users guides are available at:

For additional information read "Amy R. Paulus,  (2013) "North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources", Interlending & Document Supply, Vol. 41 Iss: 2, pp.36 - 42."

 Updated: 8/9/2013 

GIF Project: You can request books and journal articles from Japan!

The Global ILL Framework (GIF) Project is a reciprocal interlibrary loan and document delivery agreement between North American and Japanese academic libraries and research institutes. The GIF Project provides you additional means to access what you cannot obtain from other North American libraries via normal ILL/DD services.

As of May 2013, 161 Japanese libraries provide document delivery services to North American GIF members. If your library participates in GIF Book Loan service, you can request book loans with 89 Japanese GIF libraries as well. Japanese GIF member list is accessible at

Updated: 7/23/2013

GIF Project Step by Step Guide

Step by step user guide for GIF Project is available from the NCC's ILL/DD Committee site at

   Start: Preparation

   Step 1: Search Library Collection in North America (OCLC WorldCat)

               How to read WorldCat record and locate the informatin you need for ILL/DD requests

   Step 2: Search Library Collection in Japan (CiNii Books)

               How to Use CiNii Books and Identify GIF Participants

               Tips to fill in ILL/DD request for Japanese language materials

The NCC's ILL/DD Committee strongly recommend you to double check the holding location and periodical volume/issue informatoin in individual libraries' OPACs. Items in branch libraries may not be available. Please refer to individual libraries' lending policies for more details at

 Updated: 8/1/2013

Check List When Using GIF Project

  • Have you exhausted resources available in North America? Is the book or journal only available from Japanese suppliers?

    • Double check your library's OPAC if the item you need is NOT in your own library. Try "Keyword Anywhere" search after "Title beginning with..." search for works in a multi-volume set, an anthology, an edited volume, etc.
    • Search OCLC WorldCat to confirm no North American libraries own the item. Try both Title search and Keyword search.

  • Have you checked full-text databases and/or digital collections?

    • If you are looking for academic bulletin (紀要) articles, have you searched CiNii Articles or JAIRO? Have you also tried searching the university's website?
    • If you are looking for the Meiji Era materials, have you checked WebcatPlus, NDL OPAC, or NDL's Digital Library from the Meiji Era? Digitized version may be available.
    • If you are looking for literary works which are out-of-copyright works? Aozora Bunko might include what you are looking for.  

  • Have you double-checked holding information in individual libraries' OPACs?

    • Does the Japanese GIF member you identified as a potential supplier provides both loan and document delivery service? Or only document delivery? Check this list.
    • Which branch owns the item? Have you checked the GIF Library Lending Policy page to see if the branch library is a part of GIF Project? Check this list.
    • Does the library have the specific volume/issue of the periodical you need? See the box below to learn how to decode the journal holding information in CiNii Books.

  • Have you selected the best option for your needs?

  • Please proof read your ILL/DD request form.

    • Omit diacritics used for romanized Japanese because they usually get garbled.
    • Did you include ISBN or ISSN?
    • Did you include the URL of CiNii Books bibliographic record? E.g.,
    • Did you included service specific instruction if any?


Updated: 8/1/2013

Periodical Holding Information in CiNii Books

Check volume and publication date information carefully in CiNii Books and individual GIF libraries' OPACs to identify possible suppliers for your journal article requests. The volume information string has two parts: volumes ( issues ) and < beginning and ending years of coverage >.


This library has volumes published between 1970 and 2003 with some missing volumes and issues.

This title seemes like a monthly publication. The library does not have v.14 no.9 and v.14 no.12. The empty parenthesis after volumenumber 27 indicates v. 27 has several missing issues. If no parenthesis appears after volume numbers, the library has the complete set of those volumes. This library has the complete set of volume 13, 15-26, and 34-45.

Updated: 8/5/2013

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