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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Accessing Hardin Library Resources: Access from eJournal List or Catalog

Contains information on how to access the Hardin Library's print and online materials


Online access to Hardin Library resources and services is limited to current University of Iowa faculty/staff/students.  Members of the public are welcome to use the library's print and electronic resources from within the library.

Accessing online journals

If you already know the citation of the article that you want to read or just want to browse a journal, you can look up the citation in the electronic journal list or the InfoHawk+ Catalog.

Electronic Journal List: Contains a list of journals that the library has purchased electronic access to.  Search for the title of the journal that you are interested in, then click on the name of the journal to be taken to the full text.  If we have access through more than one source, you will be presented with the list of different sources.  Select a resource based on years covered and quality (links to the publisher typically are best) and then click the yellow "go" button.

InfoHawk+ Catalog: Alternatively, you can search in the InfoHawk+ library catalog.  InfoHawk+ has the advantage of showing what journals we own in print or electronic format. To begin, enter the name of the journal that you are looking for into the search box.


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