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Accessing Hardin Library Resources: Access from Database

Contains information on how to access the Hardin Library's print and online materials


Online access to Hardin Library resources and services is limited to current University of Iowa faculty/staff/students.  Members of the public are welcome to use the library's print and electronic resources from within the library.

Accessing the full-text of journal articles from within a database

The easiest way to access the full-text of a journal article from within an article database is to use the InfoLink button.  It looks like this:

The InfoLink button is typically located below or to the right of the citation within the database.  When you click this button, the InfoLink window will open and show you what access is available.  You will see up to 3 options:

Full Text:  This indicates that the library has purchased full-text access to the journal article.  Click on the yellow "Go" button to access the full-text.  Sometimes there may be more than one option.  If this happens, we recommend clicking on the link from the journal publisher (eg. Wiley, Science Direct, Blackwell Synergy, etc.).

Library Holdings:  This means that the library owns a print copy of the journal article.  Click the yellow "Go" button to determine which library owns the journal.  You can also place a document delivery request as noted below.

Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery:  This option will appear when we do not own a journal electronically or do not own it at all.  If you click on the yellow "Go" button, you will be asked to log into the interlibrary loan system, and then can place a request for the journal article.  Depending on the circumstances, we will either request a pdf copy from another library or make a pdf of our copy.  You will receive an email when the electronic copy if available.  This service is free and typically takes 3-5 days for journal articles.

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