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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Accessing Hardin Library Resources: Off-Campus Access

Contains information on how to access the Hardin Library's print and online materials


Online access to Hardin Library resources and services is limited to current University of Iowa faculty/staff/students.  Members of the public are welcome to use the library's print and electronic resources from within the library.

Access Library Resources from Off-Campus: Proxy Server

All library-purchased resources can be accessed from off-campus. 

Simply click on the link from a library page and you will be brought to the proxy server login screen:

 Off-campus access

Enter your HawkID and password in the box on the left-hand side and you will be connected to the resource.  As long as your browser is open, you will be able to access all our resources without needing to login again.

Access Library Resources from Off-Campus: Virtual Desktop

  1. Start by logging into Virtual Desktop (
  2. Select a web browser from the Virtual Desktop menu.
  3. Start at Hardin Library's home page.

Access Library Resources from Off-Campus: UI Anywhere (VPN)

  1. Log in to UI Anywhere at
  2. Select "Web Applications."
  3. Select "Library."


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