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Progress status of the digitization of United Nations documents

The United Nations is digitizing many of if its parliamentary documents. They regularly communicate their progress status on their depository libraries' web site. 

UN Member States on the Record

Activities of the Member States provides direct access to documents reflecting the views of the United Nations Member States.

World Digital Library

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization  has launched its World Digital Library. The collections offers a virtual treasure trove of artifacts and documents "that allows visitors to browse through a trove of artifacts spanning the history of civilization." 

About this guide & the United Nations collection at the University of Iowa Libraries

The University of Iowa Libraries has been a depository library for official documents of the United Nations since 1968. Most United Nations documents available at the University of Iowa are located in the Main Library. Many of the print titles can be located through the library catalog or Smart Search.

This guide is designed to assist researchers and students in gaining access to United Nations materials at the UI Libraries and via the internet. It includes information emanating from five of the six principal UN organs—the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Security Council, Secretariat, and Trusteeship Council. Some publications of the sixth principal organ—the International Court of Justice or World Court—are collected by the UI Law Library. Also covered by this guide are publications of related UN programs and organs that report directly to the General Assembly or Economic and Social Council (e.g., the UN Development Programme, UN Conference on Trade and Development, UN Environment Programme).

The United Nations documents collection consists of a large print collection of documents arranged by UN Document Number, Official Records of the major organs, a microfiche collection (1994– ), and various catalogued publications and documents in the Main Library collection. Researchers may also wish to consult the University of Iowa Law Library's Carver United Nations Documents Collection on microfiche.

Please do not hesitate to contact Brett Cloyd with questions about the collection or the United Nations.

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