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Hardin Library for the Health Sciences

Health & Human Physiology: Finding Books

Health & Human Physiology guide is for University of Iowa students, residents, fellows, & faculty.

Suggestions for Finding Books

1) Use the Advanced Search option in InfoHawk+. Switch the dropdown box that says "Any field" to "Subject." Then search for ay of the following Library of Congress Subject Headings:


Aerobic exercises
Backache--Exercise therapy
Cardiopulmonary system--Diseases
Chronic diseases--Exercise therapy
Coaching athletics
Dietary supplements
Exercise--Physiological Aspects
Exercise tests
Exercise therapy
Heart--Diseases--Exercise therapy
Human mechanics
Isokinetic exercise

Osteoporosis--Exercise therapy
Outdoor education
Outdoor recreation
Pediatric Sports Medicine
Personal trainers
Physical education and training
Physical fitness
Sports administration
Sports injuries
Sports management
Sports medicine
Sports physical therapy
Sports--Physiological Aspects
Sports--Psychological Aspects
Sports--Sociological Aspects
Sports sciences
Women athletes

2) Or, browse the shelves (Main & Hardin Libraries) using the following as a guide.


BF231-299 Sensation. Aesthesiology (Motor Learning / Sense & Sensation)
GV Recreation. Leisure
GV201-555 Physical education and training
GV557-1198 Sports
GV1199-1570 Games and amusements
GV1580-1799.4 Dancing
QP Physiology
QP303-348 Movements
RA773-788 Personal Health and Hygiene (including Exercise & Weight Control)
RC1200-1245 Sports Medicine
RD792- Physical Rehabilitation (includes: Kinesiology & Corrective Therapy)
RM695-893 Physical Medicine. Physical Therapy
RM214-259 Diet Therapy; Vitamin Therapy

(From the Library of Congress Classification Outline)