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Anthropology and Archaeology Resources

Anthropology Online  IconBrings together a wide range of written ethnographies, field notes, seminal texts, memoirs, and contemporary studies, covering human behavior the world over.

Anthropology Plus  As a compilation of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Anthropological Index and Harvard University's Anthropological Literature databases, Anthropology Plus is the world’s most comprehensive index covering the fields of anthropology, archaeology, and related interdisciplinary research. This database offers worldwide indexing of journals from the early 19th century to today, providing extensive indexing of journal articles, reports, and commentaries

Bibliography of Native North Americans  Icon  IconIndexes works from the sixteenth century to the present, including monographs, essays, journal articles, dissertations and U.S. and Canadian government publications. Areas covered include native American topics and issues, including education, anthropology, psychology, political science, sociology, and legal and medical research. This bibliography, from Human Relations Areas Files (HRAF), contains the citations from the cumulative eight volumes of the Ethnographic bibliography of North America as well as additional new citations.

eHRAF Archaeology  IconThe eHRAF Collection of Archaeology, published annually by Human Relations Area Files (HRAF), is a full-text, fully-indexed archaeology database. eHRAF differs from other databases in that documents (i.e. books, journal articles, dissertations) are indexed at the paragraph-level with over 700 subject codes from the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM)

eHRAF World Cultures  IconThe Human Relations Area Files at Yale University contain information about world cultures. The HRAF Collection currently contains nearly 1,000,000 pages of information on the cultures of the world--past and present. Only a portion of HRAF documentation are accessible on the Internet. Older material in microform which the UI Libraries has is not included.

Encyclopedia of Ancient History  IconThe only comprehensive collection of twenty-first century scholarship available on the entire ancient Mediterranean world, collecting over 5,000 original entries spanning the late Bronze Age through the seventh century CE. Entries extend to all Mediterranean civilizations, including the Near East and Egypt.

Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration  IconThe Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration provides a complete exploration of the prominent themes, events, and theoretical underpinnings of the movements of human populations from prehistory to the present day. It includes thematic interpretations and theories of migration, as well as the significant contemporary scientific discoveries and scholarly interpretations that have reshaped the way historians and social scientists analyze and map the past.

Intended to be a visual encyclopedia of human behavior and culture, online in streaming video. Contains classic and contemporary documentaries; previously unpublished footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers in the field; and select feature films. Includes footage from every continent and hundreds of unique cultures. Thematic areas include: language and culture, kinesthetics, body language, food and foraging, cooking, economic systems, social stratification and status, caste systems and slavery, male and female roles, kinship and families, political organization, conflict and conflict resolution, religion and magic, music and the arts, culture and personality, and sex, gender, and family roles. Includes volumes I & II.
Indigenous Peoples: North America  Icon
Indigenous Peoples: North America provides users with a robust, diverse, informative source that will enhance research and increase understanding of the historical experiences, cultural traditions and innovations, and political status of Indigenous Peoples in the United States and Canada.
North American Indian Thought and Culture  Icon
A compilation of biographical information on indigenous peoples from all areas of North America. When complete, the database will include 100,000 pages of content, including biographies, autobiographies, oral histories, reference works, manuscripts, and photographs, presenting the life stories of American Indians and Canadian First Peoples in their own words and through the words of others. Coverage: 1677 to present.
Online Egyptological Bibliography (OEB)  Icon
Online version and continuation of the Annual Egyptological Bibliography (AEB), published in print 1947-2001, combined with the Bibliographie Altägypten (BA), providing coverage of Egyptological literature from 1822 to 2002 (roughly 70,000 items), as well as partial coverage of 2003-2008.
Oxford Bibliographies Online  Icon
Subscribed modules include Anthropology, Art History, Atlantic History, Islamic Studies, and Linguistics.
Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, Oxford Bibliographies Online guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.
Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures  Icon
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures is the first comprehensive reference source to chronicle Pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mesoamerica, defined as the lands stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Central America. With more than 600 articles, it is invaluable for those interested in the rich heritage of this land. Encompassing the great civilizations of the pre-Columbian era (including the Olmec, Aztec, and Maya peoples) up through the colonial and postcolonial periods, the Encyclopedia covers art, archaeology, religious studies, anthropology, history, and historiography of the region in fully cross-referenced, signed articles by the leading scholars in the discipline.
Oxford Handbooks Online: Archaeology  Icon
OHO Archaeology brings together the world's leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking in a range of major topics in archaeology. Containing specially-commissioned essays with extensive referencing to further reading, the handbooks offer both thorough introductions to topics in the discipline, and a useful reference resource for scholars and advanced students.

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